Welcome to Homebase

Homebase is a facility to equip home educators in the home education of their children (students) using mastery based methodologies and resources.

Homebase are able to give both internal and external support to the home educator, and have found that most families once they are established in their home education regime, progress extremely well.

Homebase are committed to equip parents/ supervisors to achieve successfully in:

  • Home Educators training program.
  • Students ongoing educational agenda.
  • Student/s graduate.
  • State home education registration.
  • Networking with other educational groups.
  • Supporting other like-minded home educators.

Homebase families have opportunity to reconnect with Homebase via phone, email, or Skype conference.

Homebase give support to both new and experienced home educators and we look forward to assisting families in the future and supporting them in every way we can in their endeavours in home education.