At the High School level, the student is able to choose from over 50 elective courses. These include Art, Bible, Business, Computer Science, Foreign Languages, English Literature, Government and History. This program is currently being used in more than eight thousand Christian schools, in over one hundred and thirty five countries around the world. It has also been used successfully by thousands of families who have chosen to educate their own children at home. An ever-increasing number of students have graduated and have either entered the work-force successfully or gone on to complete tertiary studies.

Accelerated Christian Education offers four certificate levels:

Please note: the Year 10 requirements are commonly used as they continue their educational pathway towards completing Year 12 Graduation Requirements.

  • The Australian ACE Year 10 General Certificate is for students who are planning to enter the workforce or leave school after Year 10. This certificate does not qualify a student to enter an institution of higher learning such as a University.
  • The Australian ACE Year 10 Academic Certificate is for students who are planning to continue their education past Year 10 or have the ability to continue their formal education past Year 10.
  • The Australian ACE Year 12 General Certificate is for students who want to further their education past Year 10, but are not planning on attending Tertiary institutions.
  • The Australian ACE Year 12 Academic Certificate is for students who plan to gain tertiary entry and attend university or a similar institution of higher learning.

These Certificates are issued to students upon the successful completion of a setlist of subjects and requirements. They are not issued just because a student has attended school for a certain number of years.

The degree of mastery of the content in each PACE is ensured through a written test. Annual achievement testing using an external and objective achievement test can be used to ensure that A.C.E. students are progressing in their studies.

Students planning to pursue tertiary studies should also sit the international Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) during the last year of their studies. The SAT TEST gives the student a raw score by which tertiary institutions can assess their capacity for tertiary Studies.

The appropriately earned certificate, transcript of completed courses, course certificate requirements, and a brief summary of each PACE completed by subject are provided in a professionally presented folder.