We are currently living overseas and have just purchased the ACE  homeschool curriculum for our children from Southern Cross Educational Enterprises Ltd (SCEE):

The steps to commencing Home Schooling your children is one of the best decisions you will have ever made. The opportunities that homeschooling brings are unlimited; regardless of living within Australia or a country overseas.

Children ages are 4 and 6 :

Most, if not, ALL states in Australia require the parent to have made registration application by the time the child has turned 6 or 6.5 years of age or commences Year 1. Preparatory and Kindergarten levels do NOT require registration (see attached QLD Registration Application).

 I will be doing kindergarten with my 4 year old and ABC reading then grade/year 1 with my 6 year old.

We have a family in AHA with a similar age group. They have begun their educational journey 2011- commenced and completed KINDI with ACE & Christi; 2012 ABC’s with Ace & Christi and (term 3) commenced level 1 completion.

This particular family will be making a registration application with the QLD Home Education Unit in Term 1 2013. In the future, if you are needing to speak with another parent in a similar situation and using the same curriculum, contact details can be provided.

I have just realized that I need to register my children as homeschoolers in order to have it legal and easier if I need to enroll them in mainstream school one day:

Homeschooling IS a legal option in each state in Australia; however, each state has its own unique format re-application requirements, etc. and the applicant must be a resident living in that state, OR if traveling must have informed the Education Department in regards to the length of time away; this still ONLY applies to a family residing within Australia.

 The following information has been written by or (in part) as per Education QLD re: ‘Information in regards to Home Education.’

Home Education in QLD is a recognized and lawful education option available to parents and families. To ensure a high-quality education the parents have the responsibility for the planning, implementing, and evaluating their child’s learning program as well as providing a suitable learning environment within their family home. Each parent that undertakes home education must apply for a home education registration. Each state and territory has its own regulation. Registration for each child should commence from the compulsory school age. The compulsory school age in QLD is at least 6.5 years of age. Year 1 is the first year of compulsory education.’

I received your information from SCEE as a service provider using the ACE curriculum:

AHA has been providing the service of assistance to ‘train, facilitate and support’ as per each family’s unique educational agenda since our conception in 2000. We believe Home Education is a wonderful and appropriate form of education for both now and in the future; and that parents have the right to educate their children to become confident, responsible and committed citizens in their families and in their communities.

What are the requirements/procedures within Queensland if we homeschool our children?

QLD specifically states that unless you are a resident within that state you cannot register for Home Education.

Our family lives either in another state or overseas. Can we register them for home education in Queensland?

No. The Queensland Education (General Provisions) Act 2006 relates to the compulsory education of children in Queensland. It is not appropriate for a child living overseas or in another state or territory to be registered under this legislation. You may wish to enquire with the Brisbane School of Distance Education (BSDE) about their overseas program. A child living outside Queensland who is to be registered for home education should be registered with the appropriate authority for that state, territory or country.

I will also attach the Registration Application Form for QLD applicants just for the purpose of you being able to view the requirements if you were a resident IN QLD.

My suggestion would be for the moment that you keep a diary/journal of your daily procedures upon commencement of homeschooling. This will give you a documented record (proof) as you consider your future options re-registration queries. Also, keep all records of your children’s written work. The purpose of the Registration form (attached) is that this could be used as a guideline and a means of keeping track of QLD registration requirements if you were to return in the future.

Also, the ACE Curriculum has been audited in compliance with the Australian Curriculum so if you would like the information in regards to this please let me know. This would be a very good educational tool as a way of you as an (Australian) Home Educator authenticating your educational program (i.e. proof of authenticity if you ever needed this for any reason whilst residing in another country.