A.C.E. Student Convention have been called a “3D Event”. It is a residential event where students can Discover their God-given gifts and abilities; where students can Develop these gifts and abilities; and where they can also learn to Dedicate their gifts and abilities to God and the ministry of Christian endeavor.

There are 140 different events for students to choose from and eight different categories. These include Academics, Athletics, Visual Arts, Media Arts, Manual Arts, Music (Vocal and instrumental and combined), Scripture and Platform (Speech and Drama).

Homebase offer to families the opportunity to attend the ACE Student Conventions. The student must be between the ages of 11 and 19 years of age. ACE Student Conventions are a great opportunity to strive for and set a standard of excellence. There are also many opportunities to develop leadership skills.

ACE Student Convention offers the following

  • Regional ACE Student Convention held annually at Dakabin, Brisbane.
  • South Pacific ACE Student Convention held every 2nd year, located in South Pacific region.
  • International ACE Student Convention held annually in the USA where 2000 or more delegates gather and compete.