Language Courses

The ACE program also provides access to language courses for the student who would like to learn another language other than English. For the younger student the ABCs with ACE and CHRISTI is available in French as well as the Animal Science, Bible Reading and Social Studies.

For the secondary and mature students learning to speak French and Spanish language are available in activity packs and also on DVD. There are many other choices available of languages to learn and understand and this can be an excellent resource as an extra-curricular tool to add to any families ongoing educational agenda in spite of their age or maturity. These supportive resources can be found in the 2015 Elective Fee Schedule.

English as Your Second Language

To assist in the transition of reading to learn, there are programs set in place to help families who need assistance with English as their second language.

For the younger student there is the course entitled Speaking English with ACE and CHRISTI. This course is for the preschool child of whom English is their second language. This will acquaint and sufficiently prepare them for learning to read in the English language. Lessons incorporate commands, conversation, numbers and special concepts.

For the secondary and mature student the program English as Your Second Language is a DVD course designed for the non-English speaking student, with an adult maturity level of thinking. This is self-paced, non-threatening and individualised. This program allows each student to master the material and to learn to understand, speak and to write English.