Homebase believe every parent wants their child to be successful! As a home educator, you need to be confident with the curriculum you have chosen your child to use as part of their learning program. That is why we are facilitators of the A.C.E. educational resources. These resources provide the educational tools for training the children so that they can have the opportunity to be successful and productive while equipping children to know how to think, act and live.

As students progress from kindergarten to graduation, the curriculum is orientated around concepts of the learning process: knowledge, understanding and wisdom.

Knowledge: Children focus on each new concept from a mastery viewpoint. They concentrate on who, what, where and when of information.

Understanding: Students concentrate on concepts that expand the cognitive level, the why and how. Students learn not only facts (knowledge) but also how those facts relate and apply to culture, science and history (understanding).

Wisdom: This curriculum is distinctive in its inclusion of wisdom as a deliberate aspect of the learning process. Such a difference makes this style of curriculum the most advanced educational package available anywhere in the world.