Professional Development Training

Homebase has been registered through Southern Cross Educational Enterprises, or better known as SCEE, since we commenced in the year 2000.

The staff at Homebase has been trained in the Learning Essentials of the ACE educational resources as well as attending Professional Development Training annually or biannually. This enables Homebase to be able to offer families the ACE Curricular and the home education training to equip them as they progress and continue in their home educational agendas.

Training is an integral part of ensuring the success of YOUR educational agenda.

Homebase also provide the opportunity for networking & training whilst attending Educational Conferences facilitated by SCEE and/ or Homebase. This is a great opportunity for like minded parents and educators using the same educational resources to network. This also provides a means to stay motivated and ‘on track’ with any updates or additions to the resources that parents are including in their academic programs.