Fee Schedule

Enrolment Fee $220:  This is a once only per family fee and includes the basic parent-training course. This is payable upon enrolment.

Diagnostic Tests $35 per child: Not required for students beginning in Prep or Grade 1.

Tuition Fees: Includes a supply of PACE’s for YOUR USE ONLY, test evaluations and record keeping.

Primary Level Tuition Fees

1st  Child $1150
2nd Child $1050
3rd Child $ 900
4th Child $ 700
5th Child $ 550

Secondary Level Tuition Fees

1st Child $1250
2nd Child $1150
3rd Child $1000
4th Child $750
5th Child $600

Please note:

  • Tuition fees include up to 72 PACEs for your use only – in order for new stock to be issued (please see Homebase Procedures Manual – Testing & Stock Procedure.)
  • Failed PACEs, extra PACEs are $4.75 + GST.
  • Please see separate Elective Fee schedule for Elective Fees and/or Expanded Elective Primary Curriculum.
  • PACEs include all answer keys, manuals, extra text and Literature books. These items are loaned to the family and any damage or loss will be invoiced at replacement cost.
  • Tuition fees are subject to change throughout the year.
  • Tuition fee payments must remain current. AHA is unable to order the curriculum unless the tuition fees are current. Tuition fees are to be paid within the first fortnight of each term unless other arrangements have been made.
  • Field trips, Physical Education, Sports are not inclusive of the above. Extracurricular activities are the responsibility as per each families individual educational agenda.
  • Student Convention registration fees must be paid in full (as requested) as per registration date on the Student Convention Registration forms.