Support for Families with Special & Diverse Learning Needs

The ACE educational resources provide support for students with special & diverse learning needs .

A student with special and diverse learning needs who are home schooled have the opportunity to continually work in a supportive environment. In this secure environment adjustments can be made where necessary for learning style, family environment, and supervised to suit to strengthen individual weaknesses. Some students may  require adjustments throughout their educational pathway, while other students may only need adjustments for a short period of time.

ACE educational resources provide the student with the following:

  • One-to-one tutoring
  • Education plan to work at his /her own achievement level
  • Opportunity to work at his/her own pace
  • Regular opportunities to review the work
  • Learning-to-learn strategies
  • Mastery of each new concept before proceeding
  • Additional time to review material before assessments
  • Learning resources in a concise uncluttered format

ACE educational resources provides students with special needs with a solid foundation in knowledge, understanding skills and values on which further learning and adult life can be built. Students have opportunity to create new ideas and translate them into practical applications as they successfully contribute to the world as active and informed citizens.